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The 3D MAP widget offers a built-in interactive GPS mapping via Open Street Map. Several layers of map tiles are available.

When the MAP widget is added to the screen the following settings will appear on the left side of the screen.

  • Map
  • Object
  • Drawing options

In the Map settings, you can adjust the Layers you want to see on the Map. The more layers you have, the more detailed the MAP is. If you are measuring offline you can also download the layers and afterward import the layers so you can use the MAP in offline mode.

By clicking to the “Jump to coordinates” button, you can position the arrow to the exact coordinates. You can either enter an address or you can insert specific coordinates.

With the “Open model properties dialog” you open the Model properties, where you can add or adjust the 3D model. All the additional information can be found in the next chapter - 3D model.

The last option in the MAP settings is the Map Mode. As a default, the 3D model is selected but you can also select a 2D or Terrain option from the drop-down list.

Within the Object settings, we can define our linked GPS data and select the wanted 3D model, from the drop-down list of already loaded models.

From the drop-down list, you can select how the path will be presented. You can present the Full track, only the Trace, or do not display the path at all.

From the Coloring drop-down list, you can select a channel from which the coloring of the map will be related. The chosen channel will be written in the color indicator on the left side of the map. From the Colormap drop-down menu, you can choose a different color pallet. There is also a radio button for autoscale colors of the path.

There is an additional radio button for Attaching the camera. When enabled the map will be focused on the current position and the map position can not be moved manually. When you disable this option you can freely move the map position inside the widget.

The last option in the Object settings in Camera mode. From the drop-down menu, you can select how will the map be presented. You can choose the standard view, 1st person perspective, and 3rd person perspective.

You can set the geometry of the track from the drop-down list in the drawing settings. You can either select the Line option or Line with points.

With the “Show curtain” radio button, you can enable or disable the visualization of the track curtain.

With the last drawing option, you can enable or disable the Autoscale of the model. If the original size of the model is too big or too small this option will automatically scale the model to a more appropriate size.