Notifier is a Dewesoft module for sending notifications using either email or HTTP post messages. It allows you to define multiple notification events that can be linked to any number of alarms and sent out with custom messages.

For instructions on how to Add new module see -> Setup -> Add module.

NOTE: If you have purchased a SendMail license in the past you can also use the Notifier module with that license.

The input fields of the module are changed depening on the selected notification type.

Email notifications

When using email notifications an email will be sent out to the reciever(s) whenever the defined conditions are met. The following parameters are required to set up email notifications:

  • Sender: The sender’s username ([email protected]).
  • Smtp: The SMTP server’s address (
  • Port: The SMTP server’s port number (587).
  • Password: The sender’s password.
  • Receiver(s): The email addresses of one or multiple receivers. Emails should be separated with the semicolon character (;).

NOTE: Your email server needs to give accesss to third-party applications. In the case of gmail you need to allow the usage of less secure applications.

HTTP Post notifications

If you have selected the HTTP post you will be notified via a Http Post request. You must fill in the following information:

  • URL: The address to the web server that accepts POST requests.
  • Content type: Format of the request that you would like to send.
  • Headers: You should use the following form: key: value. Multiple headers should be separated with newlines.

Notification conditions, message

The notifications are triggered with alarms. For a detailed explanation on how alarms work, see -> Setup -> General -> Alarms.

Once you have defined the trigger conditions using alarms, you can link them to your notifier instance using the Add button. Multiple conditions can be linked to a single notification.

Finally, you can edit the notification message, which is the actual content of the notification. Tags can be used when writing a message to give the recepient additional information about the alarm itself.

Available tags:

  • <module_name> - Provides the name of the notifier that was triggered.

  • <alarm_name> - Provides the name of the alarm that was triggered.

These types of messages are later processed and the badges are replaced by the name of the alarm or channel.

The module also contains a send test notification button, which can be used to immediately send out a test notification and therefore see if you have correctly configured the module and the notification server.