Scanivalve pressure scanner

Scanivalve pressure scanners are used for pressure and temperature measurement especially for aerospace and automotive aerodynamic tests, gas turbine testing, compressor testing as well as other turbomachinery tests, flow measurement across an orifice, wind turbine aerodynamic validations, etc.

With Scanivalve plugin inside DewesoftX the DSA3217-PTP and MPS4264 pressure scanner are supported. The device is communicating over Ethernet TCP/IP protocol. The maximum sample rate of this device is 856 Hz. With current version of Scanivalve plugin only SoftSync synchronization is supported.


The plugin requires a valid DewesoftX license that includes the Scanivalve option in it. To test the plugin, you can use an Evaluation license, that lasts 1 month.

Adding the device plugin

To add the plugin you have to go into settings and under devices click on the plus button. Under the Plugin’s sub-list you will find the Scanivalve option.

In the HW settings of the module you can add a Scanivalve device by pressing the Add button. In the settings you can adjust the device’s name, IP and port number. Multiple devices can be connected at once.

Device settings

Inside Scanivalve module settings you will find the following properties. First on the top all the devices that were added in HW settings will be listed with corresponding IP, port number and status ( Connected/Disconnected).

Each device settings and channels can be seen in a separate tab. Under this tab you can select the wanted Rate, Pressure unit or perform the CAL Z operation.

Sensor rate

The rate of the sensor is defined by Rate and number of averaged samples. If the combination of rate and averaged samples is not valid the input window box will color red.

The actual rate and period is calculated and displayed.

Pressure unit

The user can select between 25 different pressure units from a drop down list.

Cal Z

With the Cal Z button you can performe the “Quick Zero” option that is supported on this pressure scanner. This feature provides a simple and quick means to correct for the minor zero drift problem. While the correction is performed no other functions are acceptable in the Scanivalve module.