Apply action

Apply action on single data file

When you are analyzing the data file, it is simple to apply offline math and displays. In the opened data file click on the Dewesoft logo in the top left corner and use the option Load display and offline math.


Choose the file from which the information will be imported. After the process is finished recalculate the file.

NOTE: Dewesoft will import only offline mathematics.

Apply action on multiple files

To use the apply action on multiple data files first select the files on which the change will be applied and click on the apply action button.


In the pop-up window, first, select the reference file (this is the file from which the information will be imported) and then select the action which you would like to apply.

  • Offline math and displays - this option will import all the displays and mathematics which have the status set to offline.
  • Channel offset from reference file average (AI channels only) - Analog input channel offsets in target files will be set to average values of same channels from the reference data file. If reference file holds initial (zero) values, this can be used to zero channels in target files.
  • Channel scaling - Channel offsets and factors from a reference¬†file will be applied to same channels in target files.
  • Data header values - Data header variables in target files that are empty or zero\, will be overwritten with values from the reference file.
  • Export properties - Export channel selection and order will be copied from reference file to target files.


After everything is set, press OK and Dewesoft will start the process.