The Analyse procedure is an important part of Dewesoft for analyzing acquired data. To enter the Dewesoft Analyse mode press the Analyse button on the main toolbar.

Once data has been acquired, there are a number of things that you can do with it: review data, display data in the selected instrument display with a signal overview, replay data, start/stop replay and sound output, arranging instruments, (re-)assigning channels, watch events, signal analysis, reload the triggered file, a printout of instruments, store settings, copy Channel setup and display elements to Clipboard, exporting data,…

For additional help visit Dewesoft PRO training  ->Dewesoft Web page -> PRO Training.

To enable efficient analyzing process for acquired measured data you must leave the Dewesoft Measure mode and enter the Analyse mode to perform following procedures:

1. STEP: Reviewing data files

2. STEP: Postprocessing Add the ability to define and recalculate additional math channels in analyse mode.

3. STEP: Publishing data Printout of instruments, copy Channel setup and Display elements to Clipboard

4. STEP: Exporting data Exporting data for off-line analysis using other software with possibilities to export several files at once - Export multiple files and to export any instrument screen to a video - Export instrument display to Video