Reviewing data files

Reviewing data files is very helpful to analyse measured data and include the following procedures:

  1. Loading data files: to load acquired measured data stored in data file; display data file information: Settings, Events or Data header
  2. Displaying data: display data in selected instrument display with signal overview, selecting a channel for overview window, Time selector
  3. Video post synchronization: Video data can be included and synchronized in Dewesoft, zoomed, scrolled, scaled, played, resynchronized, removed from data file
  4. Replaying data: start/stop, Sound output selection, Replay mode, Replay direction and Replay speedin different Display Screens
  5. Selecting data:
    • to analyse acquired measured and video data with functions to have a more detailed look on the recorded data with Selection range of stored data
    • to help measure a precise value over a long time
    • to Selecting triggered data (to reload multiple trigger events within one file)
    • Storing settings and events
  6. Working with events: to add, display and save Keyboard, Notice and Voice events