Storing settings and events

As described in the Working with events section, you can store beside events also changes in the display appearance of the current data file in this file.

Store Setup File

In addition, you can also save the whole settings into a completely new setup file. This file can be used for example for another measurement. Select Save Setup to File from the File menu. A window will open where you can enter the file name of the setup. Press OK to confirm and you have your new setup file stored.

For information about Save settingsĀ see -> Storing.

Load Setup File

Sometimes it is necessary to compare data from different measurements. But the display settings are different: The files are hard to compare. Dewesoft offers the possibility to take any setup file and load its display settings into the currently opened analysis file.

For information about how load setup file see -> Loading data files.

WARNING: Be careful to have the same channels in source and destination data files to avoid any errors or misinterpretations.