ASAM ODS import

ASAM ODS ATFX is the standardized data file format commonly used in industries such as Automotive, Aerospace and Railway, where simulation, testing and validation are integral parts of the product development lifecycle.

ASAM ODS import module allows importing of *.atfx data files containing scalar and single value vector channels into DewesoftX software. Currently synchronous & asynchrounus Vector and Matrix channels are not supported. At the top of the ASAM ODS setup window, you can define a custom name of the created *.dxd file. Under the Importing options all available channels will be listed, and the user can select which channels should be imported to DewesoftX.

The log tab is mainly used for debuging, when the atfx file can not be impoerted properly.

Once imported, users can further analyze their measured data using all available DewesoftX functionalities.

NOTE: You need an additional License to use the ASAM ODS import plugin. .