Performance monitor

With the performance monitor, we can check how is the computer handling the current situation.

The performance monitor has two tabs: 

  • Performance
    • CPU load - It shows the number of threads the computer is using and what is their usage.
    • Memory used - It shows the amount of the memory the PC has and how much it is used. If the memory is close to 100%, it is possible to reduce the usage by decreasing the sync and async buffers or disabling the freeze option —>Performance.
    • Fixed disk space - It shows the amount of the free space on internal discs.
    • Buffers - It shows the writing speed on disc and the amount of buffer used. If the buffer is increasing, the system is at its limit. It is possible that the USB speed limit or the write speed of the disc is exceeded.
  • Acquisition buffer used
  • Store buffer
  • Video information


  • Details
    • Data acquisition
    • DAQ
    • GPS
    • CAN
    • Processing
    • Reduced data
    • Visualization
    • Displays
    • Storing
    • Data