System monitor

System monitor is module used to monitor the hardware and software resources and performance in a data acquisition systems. Module extract informations from systems and display them as a channels that you can use them in Measurement screen. Each value can independently be set to Used and to Stored. Some of them allows checking the limit values and making decisions like shutting down the system if the values exceed.

The picture below shows information that DewesoftX extract from the PC or the SBOX. These are CPU occupation, memory occupation, status of storage disk, acqusition performance values, network cards status, and battery level of the PC.

NOTE: Informations about the computer hardware status are directly connected to the performance informations that are precisely explained in the Performance monitor section in the manual.

Furthermore, you can extract hardware system informations from data acquisition devices which can serve you as monitoring values that the system is working properly. For example Synchronization status, IRIG time, VCXO value, etc. To enable those channels, go to Settings/Advanced/Diagnostics and enable Hardware debug channels.

Enabling hardware debug channels checkbox will add monitor channels from Dewesoft devices.

Example for USB device: DEWE-43A

Example for EtherCAT device: IOLITE

Example for EtherCAT device: KRYPTON

Additional channels for Syncronization for ECAT line

You can also monitor DS Battery Pack status. To enable those channels, go to Tools/Event viewer and enable Show information. Rescan devices after to see all the channels in System monitor, go to Settings/Devices and click F5.

Example for DEWE-43 being powered with DS-BP2i