ID number

ID column indicates the number of the channel. It usually starts with 1 and counts up to the maximum number of available module outputs.

This column is a direct reference to the slots within your system.

NOTE: If you have a Dewesoft Sirius system, the first 8 modules are the ones on the mainframe itself.

This field has also a copy/paste function. When you right-click on a slot number, a window will appear:

Example: several channels (e.g. 1, 2 and 6) contain the same module with the same sensor connected. If you click now on slot 0 and select Copy, the system will remember all the important settings from channel 0, like amplifier type, input and filter ranges, units, calibration and zero settings. Now click on slot 2 and select Paste - this will copy all settings from channel 0 to channel 2 and so forth with other same modules.

Paste special will be given additional options to select a region from where to where the selection will be pasted.

Paste special

It will also show the properties which will be pasted and give the user a chance to paste only selected properties by clicking on Yes / No button left to the name of properties.


WARNING: This function is working best with amplifiers of the same type. Properties which are not possible to set will be ignored. Channel names will not be copied.