The plugin requires a valid Dewesoft license. To test the plugin, you can use an Evaluation license. For more information about licensing follow —> License.

Extensions setup

In the Extensions you can click on the OPC UA Server and the right the settings for the plugin will open on the right side. Here you can set the port numberon which server accepts incoming requests.After you have selected your wanted port number you can save the settings by clicking “OK”.

OPC UA Server setup screen

The setup screen allows you to select which channels you want to publish.This can be set in the Publish column. As seen on Figure 8 the plugin distributes the channels into groups (AI, math, AI, control channels, …). On this setup screen you can see the name, description, current value, units and permissions of the channels.

Reading the channels from a client

Figure 9 shows Dewesoft OPC UA information model, which is accessible from OPC UA clients. Clients can:

  • start and stop Dewesoft acquisition with “StartAcqusition” and “StopAcqusition” methods,
  • view measure start time and sample rate,
  • read channels properties:
    • Name,
    • Description
    • Current value (CurrentScaledValue) -is used to read live data form 3rd party clients.
    • Offset
    • Sample rate
    • Scale
    • Unit