Aircraft Power AC

The Aircraft Power AC module calculates the voltage, current, and power characteristic of 1-phase and 3-phase 400 Hz systems. Related standards for aircraft power measurements are listed below:

  • MIL-STD-704F
  • GJB181x-xxxx
  • GJB 5558-2006
  • ISO 12384:2010
  • ISO 1540:2006

For Aircraft Power DC measurements see: Aircraft Power DC

The full Aircraft power manual can be found here.

Add module to setup

The Aircraft Power AC module can be added to the setup by clicking on the More (+) button and then selecting the Aircraft Power AC module located under the Electrical measurements section:

Module settings

An overview of the module setup page is shown below:

The first step after adding the Aircraft Power AC module is to define the Input mode configuration. You can choose between Single phase and 3-phase star configuration.

Enabling current channels will also provide the power parameter results:

The input channel selector for voltage and current channels is updated depending on the selected configuration.

NOTE: Make sure the unit for voltage is ”V” and the unit for current is “A” to get correct output results in “Watt”.

Optionally a user-defined number of harmonic components can be calculated (40 in the example below):

If e.g. the Harmonic count is set to 40 then the integer harmonic components from 1 to 40 are analyzed. The maximum Harmonic count is dependent on the Nyquist frequency of the analog input Acquisition sample rate. For example, if the AI sample rate is 100 kHz then the maximum integer harmonic is 125, based on the formula shown below:

In case the Harmonic type is selected as “Relative”, the amplitude results are relative to the first harmonic.

Multiple modules with different calculation parameters can be added by pressing the + button at the top of the setup page.

The line Frequency is fixed to 400 Hz ±10%.

Channel overview

Depending on the settings the listed results are calculated and stored. The table below gives an overview of all possible channels. √H means results are only available if Calculate harmonics is enabled.

Note that channels named with Lx are added for each phase - Lx is replaced with L1, L2 and L3.

More information about the output channels can be found in the Aircraft Power manual.