Aircraft Power DC

The Aircraft Power DC math module calculates the voltage and current characteristics for DC supply systems. Related standards for aircraft power measurements are listed below:

  • MIL-STD-704F
  • GJB181x-xxxx
  • GJB 5558-2006
  • ISO 12384:2010
  • ISO 1540:2006

For Aircraft Power AC measurements see: Aircraft Power AC

The full Aircraft power manual can be found here.

Add math module to setup

The Aircraft Power DC math module can be added to the setup under the Math section by clicking on the Add math (+) button and then selecting the Aircraft Power DC math module located under the Electrical measurements section:

Module settings

An overview of the module setup page is shown below:

The first step after adding the Aircraft Power DC module is to define the input channel for Voltage and Current. Multiple sets of input Voltage and Current channels can be calculated in parallel by pressing the (+) button.

NOTE: Make sure the unit for voltage is ”V” and the unit for current is “A” to get correct output results in “Watt”.

Under the Settings section first select the calculation method according to the desired standards, and then select the wanted calculated output results.

Channel overview

Depending on the settings, different results are calculated and stored. The list below gives an overview of all possible channels.

Refering to 1) - the Voltage ripple calculation method depends on the selected standards.

Note that the names UDC and IDC are replaced with the selected input channel names.

More information about the output channels can be found in the Aircraft Power manual.