Horizontal situation indicator

The horizontal situation indicator (commonly called the HSI) is an aircraft flight instrument normally mounted below the artificial horizon in place of a conventional heading indicator. It shows the heading, course, bearings and the lateral deviation of an aircraft.

The input channels to the Horizontal situation indicator widgets are:

  • Heading [°]: the heading of an aircraf (the heading is always show, other element are seen is the input channels are assigned or not)
  • Course [°]: wanted direction of flight
  • Bearing 1 [°]: VOR, ADF - showing the orientation point
  • Bearing 2 [°]: VOR, ADF - showing the orientation point
  • From / to: positive value indicates flying in the course direction, negative valus indicates flying away from the course direction. Value 0 indicates “no data”, the triangle is hidden.
  • Lateral deviation [°]: represents the deviation (in degrees [°]) of actual flight direction vs. the wanted flight direction(track vs. course). The distance between the circles is 2°.

To assign channels to widget please take a look at the page Channel selector.

The indication unit in sqare boxes is in degrees [°]. In a case, where the input channel is not assigned to the visual control, the box is not shown:

Basic indication with only heading:

Detailed description of the widget: