The X-Y image recorder is designed to display a marker for channel versus channel value over an imported and scaled image. There is no direct time relation between channels and only a marker of the current value is shown, without a history line.

When you select the XY image recorder widget the following settings will appear on the left part of the screen:

Control properties

For detailed information about Control properties: grouping, number of column, Add / Remove, transparency,…see  -> Control properties.

XY image recorder settings

Typical XY image recorder setting in the Setup tab are:

For detailed information about assigning channels to and from displays -> see  -> Display settings.

Appearance on screen

NOTE: **The first selected channel is always used as the X-axis channel.** The XY image recorder can display a value for only 2 channels, one in X and one in Y direction.

The cross visually indicates the value while the numeric value is displayed in the left top corner.

For detailed information about instruments positioning, size and transparency see  -> Control properties.

Drawing options

Drawing options help you with setting up your image, range and provide some cosmetic options.


Type Function
Full The background picture is stretched to fit the size of your Widget size.
Proportional The background picture is proportionally scaled so it maintains the original aspect ratio.
None No scaling is applied. The background picture is in its original size.

Select image

A standard open window will appear that will let you select the background image. Supported file formats are:

Extension Description
*.jpeg JPEG Image File
*.jpg JPEG Image File
*.bmp Bitmaps
*.png PNG Image File

Edit range

When edit range is enabled you can set or modify your display range of the picture.

Show border

Enable Show border for the display of numeric values. If the border is hidden the display is larger but the numeric values are hidden.

Cursor colour

Select the desired cursor colour. This will also change the X & Y lines leading up to the cursor as well as the colour of the orange box.

X and Y scale

In the X-Y image recorder, you have to set X & Y axis Minimum and Maximum values to determine the range of the Edit range box. Using a scale or some reference lines in the background picture is advised.