Vertical speed indicator

A vertical speed indicator (VSI), also known as a rate of climb and descent Indicator (RCDI) is an instrument which indicates the rate of climb or descent of an aircraft. During the flight the pilot makes frequent use of the vertical speed indicator to ascertain that level flight is being maintained, especially during turning maneuvers

The input channel for vertical speed indicator is vertical speed.

To assign channels to widget please take a look at the page Selected channels view —> Channel selector.

The unit for vertical speed indicator is usualy at feet per minute. The widget can also recognize ft/s and m/s as the unit.

The scale can be changed between 10, 20 and 30(x100 ft/min or x1 m/s).

The the unit of the input channel are recognized, they can be converted.

Depending on the ascent or descent, the pointer stops at the extreme value. The indication on the image above shows the vertical speed >= 2000ft/min.