Channel selector

Dewesoft offers a very powerful and flexible CHANNELS selector. It can display the available channels as already known in a channel list or in a grouped form. CHANNELS selector offers the following capability:

Examples of the channel selector:

Channel list view:

Group view:

Group view with subchannels list:

Channel (list) view / Group view

When you select the Group view (left picture below), channels will be grouped according to its source. we will have groups for analog input (AI), CAN, math and others. We can see the channels by expanding the group simply by clicking on it.

Another view of the channels is the channel view (middle below). Here the channels will be listed in alphabet order regardless of its source.

A third view is the list of all selected channels (right side below). This will show the channels which are currently selected on the display. This provides an easy way to deselect channels for current display by simply clicking on each item.

Group view


Channel view


Selected channels view


NOTE: If there is only one hardware group available (e.g. AI) the channels are always displayed in List view!

Select/deselect channels

The channels, which are shown on currently selected visual control can be selected by clicking on the channel. If the channel is already on the visual control, it will be marked and clicking on it will remove it from visual control.

There are several other ways to assign channel to visual control. We can drag and drop the channel to the visual control. When we click and hold the left mouse button, channel will be selected and we can drag it over to any visual control. We can drop it to any place and that will add the channel to the display or we can drop it on the display’s channel list to replace the channel. In the example below the Ch1 will be replaced with the U_rms_L1 channel.


In Design mode, we can drag and drop channel to an empty place on the display. This will add new visual control from the type currently selected on the Design bar and automatically assign the channel to it.

Searching for channels

Dewesoft setups can easily have hundreds and even thousands of channels. To find channels we have added a feature to search for them by the name. If we enter the keyword in Search field, Dewesoft will look for channels with those keywords in the name (at any place). We can cancel the search by pressing the X button on the right side of the search bar.


Additional settings in analyse mode

In analyse mode the list is expanded and we can add any math from the channel selector. For example, when we want to add a filter to any channel, right click on the channel and select Add Math -> Filter. The filter window will be opened and the channel which was selected will be automatically chosen.

If selected channel source is math, then we have additional two options to edit the math function or to delete the math.

Additional_settings in_analyse_mode

Selected channel view

To see all the available channels that are selected or assigned to widget, go to Selected channel view with a click on the arrow above the channel list.