Screen edit functions

Dewesoft offers an additional screen edit function to create intelligible display all channels data on the screen.

  • Instrument appearance - arrange elements - instruments with Positioning, Size and define Transparency.
  • Common function - to Copy & Paste, Delete and Undelete elements.
  • Additional controls - to illustrate your measurement with Background picture; to write text on the screens with Text element; to draw lines and shape, connect different elements,… with Line element.

Copy & Paste existing group (instrument)

You can use the Copy function to create a new group/element. The new elements will have exactly the same settings and can be edited as all other.

To copy the element, right-click on the element and select Copy group to Clipboard from the menu list:


or select Copy group to Clipboard from the Edit menu.

Then move the cursor to the desired position (must be on screen outside group), right-click again and select button which appears on screen.


That’s all - the new element is available:


Delete instruments

You may want to delete instruments from the display screen. 

To delete any instrument, just click it once to select it, and then click the Delete Instrument button on Design mode toolbar or press the Delete button on your keyboard.

WARNING: When one instrument in group is selected, with using this function WHOLE group will be deleted!

Undelete instruments

If you have deleted an instrument from the display screen and want to undo that select Undelete from the Edit menu.


WARNING: Be aware that this function works only for the last deleted instrument!