Combustion Engine Analysis

For more information about Combustion analyzer take a look at the Combustion analysis manual.

Analysis of internal combustion engines is possible with Dewesoft Combustion analysis package. During the measurement we can see typical combustion values like: Cylinder pressures, MEP values, heat release (TI, TQ, burn angles), knocking factors,….

  • Required hardware - Dewesoft Sirius
  • Required software - Dewesoft PROF or higher and CEA option

For additional help with Combustion analysis visit Dewesoft PRO training for Combustion Engine Analysis (CEA).

To work with Dewesoft Combustion analyzer we need to do:

For additional Dewesoft manuals visit Dewesoft Web page  and download the Combustion Engine Analysis (CEA) manual.

Combustion analysis setup

After adding the new Combustion engine analysis module initial (Engine) setup screen is displayed:

We can set Combustion engine analysis (CEA) in any way we want, but usually, the easiest way would be to follow CEA tebs and then define all the settings inside each tab: