Global variables

Global variables define the channels, which can be used in a sequencer, math section and displays.

New variables can be added with a plus button.


The Unique ID must be defined, which is used as a reference for all others places where internal variables are used. Channel name can be freely defined, we can define the color and the unit.

Data type can be:

  • Floating point (floating decimal point, we can also define the number of decimal numbers)
  • Integer (whole number)
  • Text (text written by the user)

Channel Type can be:

  • Single value (storing only one value per entire measurement)
  • Async (adding a value each time the channel changes from sequencer or math)

Start value can be selected from:

  • Last value (variable will remember the last value)
  • Default value (it will always start with the defined default number

Default value describes what value the channel has when starting up.


Export order

  • defines the order in which the Data header entries will be exported. If the order is set to default, the Data header entries will be exported in the order they are arranged in when in the Data header settings.