Simulation mode

Simulation mode can be used when we don’t have any DAQ devices connected to our system and we want to simulate different types of channels to make an offline setup.


Simulation mode can be chosen from:


  • Simulated channels - We define the number of analog in channels, counter channels, digital in channels, asynchronous analog out channels and asynchronous digital out channels.


  • File replay - We can replay files, that have already been recorded.


  • Sound card - We can use the sound card in our computer to collect the data and make a measurement.

Automatic Creation of Offline Setup Channels

From Dewesoft 2022.2 version the user does no longer need to pre-define all the simulated channels. All the AI, AO, DI, DO, CNT, CAN and GPS channels are automatically added to the offline setup, based on the setup file created with Dewesoft HW equipment. The new improvements make the setup preparation much easier and faster.