Sensor mode

Sensor mode is a very easy way to measure signals coming from the real sensors. By choosing the Sensor mode, Dewesoft offers a list of sensors, defined in: Settings -> Counter sensors editor.

Sensor modes include rotary, linear encoders, CDM, geartooth, geartooth with missing or double teeth, tacho signals. The use of it is very simple - just select the sensor from the list. In our encoder-512 is selected. All the settings are done similar to the Basic encoder mode or counting mode, depending on the defined sensor type.

Counter Math module can be used directly within the Counter module. In this way, you can apply the best of both worlds. The SuperCounter® processing done on the hardware devices provides the channels called ‘Raw count’ and ‘Raw edge separation’ to the Counter module. The Counter math then uses those two channels and performs the angle and speed determinations with increased precision and abilities.

The difference between normal and advanced counter mode can be easily seen by defining the counts as the output unit of the angle and comparing CNTx/Angle and CNTx/Raw_Count signal on the recorder.

The red signal is a normal counter value. Green signal calculates points between two counts and also takes into account WHERE between two analog samples the counting event happened. Therefore the green line out of the supercounter shows the real position of the counter as precise as possible, depending on the AD card with 80-100 MHz resolution independent of the sample rate.


For additional help with Super-counter setup visit Dewesoft PRO training -> Dewesoft Web page -> PRO Training.

Sensors can be modified and added by clicking the … button when Sensor mode is chosen in Channel setup for counters, this opens the Counters sensors editor window. All newly created sensors can later be modified to your specifications. Some sensors are automatically added to the sensor list, and these sensors can not be modified. If any sensor is used by a module in Dewesoft, for example in Order tracking, the sensors can not be modified and the Counter sensors editor is not accessible.