Array channels can come from scope trigger, FFT, CPB, STFT, classification, counting and other new procedures. The formula has operations which work on those array channels.

Extracting subset of the array

To extract a value from an array, use brackets with index. Let’ s say we want to extract one single value of the FFT:


Operation on arrays

Basically, all operation should work on arrays, but there are some limitations to it. We can, for example, do the following:

$$’AI0/AmplFFT’ - ‘AI1/AmplFFT’$$

It is important to know that the product of the two vectors multiplies elements in the array. The resulting array has the same size as the input array.

$$’AI0/AmplFFT’ *’AI1/AmplFFT’$$

We can also for example mix vector and scalar values:

$$’AI0/AmplFFT’ +2$$

This formula will add a value of two to each array element and will output array with the same size as the input.

IMPORTANT: Arrays with different sizes can’t be combined into a single formula.