Latch value math

When you press the Setup button on newly activated Latch math line, the following Latch math setup window will open:


For detailed information about basic settings of the input and output channels seeĀ -> Setup screen and basic operation.

The Latch math will return the value of the channel when a latch condition is met. The channel value is triggered from input channel on rising edge when the signal rises over defined level. So we can use this for getting the values only at specific trigger position (for example a state of the test). These values can be nicely displayed in the tabular display.

After choosing INPUT channel, we need to set Latch criteria and Output value.

Latch criteria settings

Select Criteria channel from the drop-down list of available channels.

After that enter Criteria limit value in the corresponding field.

Output value

The select Output value from the drop-down list of available Actual and statistical values.

For all statistical values additional field appears for entering Time base in seconds. This field specifies the block size before the trigger event, which is used for statistical value calculation. If the block size is larger than the available data, then all available data is taken for calculation:

Latch index

Lower left part of Latch math setup window shows the selected output / Latch channel settings and predefined Index channel. Output selection is made with left and right buttons.