Sensor settings

In this Sensor part of Dewesoft Channel settings screen, you can select from the General and Edit sensor tabs.

Sensor editor of Channel setup:


In General sensor tab we can choose from:

Used sensor drop-down menu enables us to select a previously used or created sensor.

In Physical quantity menu, we select the appropriate quantity of measurement.

The unit drop-down menu will display the appropriate options depending on selected Physic quantity.

Units can be input by the user if Custom physical quantity is selected.

In the Edit sensor tab, we have options to define a new sensor

Enter the serial number of new sensor


Enter the model of the sensor and the manufacturer.

Define the calibration date, period and initials. If calibration is overdue, the date will be shown in red.

We can also Show advanced sensor settings:

Sensor_EditSensor_Advanced settings

Sensor database

Dewesoft offers an efficient, helpful sensor database. In addition to the linear scaling, which can be done also in the input Channel setup, the sensor database offers beside other information about sensor also scaling by table or polynomial, even transfer curves can be defined.

Dewesoft has some pre-defined sensors in his sensor database. But the pre-defined demo sensors are for sure not what you would need for your real application.

How to define your own sensors? To do that select in Options menu Editors / Analog sensors and the sensor editor will open.