IIR Filter setup

When you press the Setup button on new activated IIR Filter line, the following IIR Filter setup window will open:

IIR Filter setup_okno

The filter supports multiple input channels.

For detailed information about basic settings of the input and output channels see -> Setup screen and basic operation.

IIR is the abbreviation for infinite impulse response. It means that the response to the impulse will be non zero over an infinite length of time. The calculation behind is that the new filtered value is calculated from the current and previous input values as well as previous output values.

That’s the theory. In practice, we can say that the IIR filter is a direct equivalent to the RC type’s analog filters.

For example we can achieve the exact theoretical low pass, high pass, sound weighting and other standard filters which were achieved by analog circuits in classic ‘old school’ instruments.

IIR Filter settings

Click on the icons at the top to select between:

  • Preset
  • Butterworth
  • Low pass
  • Hi pass
  • Band pass
  • Band stop
  • Chebyshev
  • Bessel
  • Manual
  • Manual entry of grid properties