XY - Reference curve

The XY reference curve math module provides the reference curve for XY display. It can be used for displaying the reference (if we display maximum torque vs. RPM, for example).

When you press the Setup button on new activated XY reference curve line, the following XY reference curve setup window will open:


For detailed information about basic settings of the input and output channels seeĀ -> Setup screen and basic operation.

After choosing INPUT X channel and Y channel, we need to set Number of points for XY reference curve. The reference points can be entered value by value. We also have another option for easier transfer of points copy and paste function. Copy button copies all the points to the clipboard in tab-delimited style, so it can be easily pasted to any spreadsheet software. The values can be copied from other programs with the Paste command, where the data has to be tab delimited and each line should be terminated with carriage return/line feed character. The first line should have XTAB YCR LF.

In simple words, if we see the following picture in MS Excel, choose the data range and select Copy, the data can be easily pasted in Dewesoft.


Display on right upper part XY reference curve setup window shows the defined curve. Lower left part of XY reference curve setup window shows the selected OUTPUT channel settings.

The XY display can show the reference curve as seen in the picture below.


There is another advantage of the reference curve. The output channel (Status in our case) gives the value of 1 when the XY curve crosses the reference curve. This can be used for trigger criteria or for counting of events (with ECNT function in formula editor).