Damping marker

For more information about damping marker, please visit Processing markers page.

Damping markers are best to use in modal testing when we want to find out how our transfer curve is damped. We select it when we are interested in the quality factor, damping ratio, or attenuation rate of a selected peak.

The position of the marker can be determined by manually adjusting the frequency (widget marker) or the position can be defined by the value of a channel.

Damping factor type can be selected from the following options:

  1. Q factor (The higher the Q, the narrower, and ‘sharper’ the peak is.)
  2. Damping ratio
  3. Attenuation ratio (Attenuation is the gradual loss in intensity of any kind of flux through a medium. It is usually measured in units of decibels per unit length of the medium.)

Damping markers are also visible and can be interacted with on the 3D graph.