Delta marker

For more information about delta marker, please visit Processing markers page.

The Delta marker shows the amplitude and frequency difference between two different positions.

In the marker table you can see the position of the first marker, the position of the second marker and the delta in frequency (X axis) and in amplitude (Y axis).

Delta markers are also visible and adjustable on the 3D graph widget.


Results from delta marker can be scaled with Scaling option. This will show the result in selected marker scaling. It cannot transform to 2D graph scaling, unless delta marker scaling and 2D graph scaling are the same.

That means that Marker table will show delta marker’s result in delta marker’s scaling and not in 2D graph scaling as it is true for other markers that support scaling.

Delta marker’s result is a subtraction of 2 values and that result cannot correctly be transformed into another dB or non dB scale.