Processing markers

Processing marker manual can be found here.

Under math modules, Marker module can be added.

An advantage to use marker module is, that you can see and use markers as math channels - you can access the setup, color, ….

All the classic edit columns are available for marker, where you can set the marker to online/offline, stored/not stored, …

Marker mode (Current value or Full history can be assesed easily and changed for one marker at the time or all selected markers at the same time

Marker Settings

When you add marker to the 2D or 3D graph, by right-clicking on the data, the following settings will open for each marker.

Under Marker Mode you can select if you want to have create a Cuernt value marker, which will only show the value and its value cannot be used in any further mathematics. Or you want to create Full History marker, which you can later reuse within other mathematical modules.

You can also select to which associated channel you want to pin the marker you are adding. This is mostly usefull when you have multiple channels assigned to the same widget.

When Marker Snapping point is enabled the marker will always align with the actual data point. If this feature is disabled the marker can be placed between two data points.

In the settings you can also select the Marker color and its Line Thicnekss.