Campbell plot

Click on Design button and add Campbell plot with clicking on the icon shown below.

If you compare the ordinary 3D graph and Campbell plot, you quickly see that the Campbell plot can be a powerful tool for Analysis.

Plotting options

This is a list of values that can be shown on the Campbell plot:

  • Campbell plot or diagram enables us the visualization of 3-dimensional values on a single plane. It is mostly used in the Order tracking.
  • This instrument works based on the classification of the measured values, with several options for diagram design and adjustable properties of classes. It can be applied on FFT waterfall vs. RPM as well as on Order waterfall vs. RPM from the Order tracking module.
  • It is possible to display TimeFFT or Order FFT on Campbell plot.
  • Basically, it shows the same information as the signal on the 3D graph, but with different visualization (colors, circles, ….).

NOTE: For more information and customization posibilities in Campbell plot please visit our web page - Pro trainings:

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