Analog meter

The Analog meter is designed to give a graphical indication of the current value of a signal within the defined display range.

When you select an Analog meter in the design or run mode, following settings will appear on left and right part of the screen:

Control properties

For detailed information about Analog meter Control properties: grouping, number of columns, Add / Remove instruments, transparency,… see  -> Control properties.

Analog meter settings

Typical settings for Analog meter are:

For detailed information about assigning / reassigning channels to Analog meter see  -> Display settings.


Analog meter type & Appearance on screen

The analog meter offers three different appearances and can be selected from Analog meter type list.


They all contain the channel name, display type and unit beside the measurement values.

Fourth Analog meter has two forms:

  • full circle instrument
  • compass instrument

To switch to this form Compass box must be checked:

For detailed information about instruments positioning, size and transparency see -> Screen edit functions.