Horizontal / Vertical bar graph

The Horizontal / Vertical bar graph is designed to give a graphical indication of the current value of a signal within the defined display range.

  When you select a Horizontal / Vertical bar graph in the design or run mode, following settings will appear on left and right part of the screen:

Control properties

For detailed information about Horizontal / Vertical bar graph Control properties: grouping, number of columns, Add / Remove instruments, transparency,… see  -> Control properties.

Horizontal / Vertical bar settings

Typical settings (same for Horizontal and Vertical bar) are:

For detailed information about assigning / reassigning channels to Horizontal / Vertical bar  -> see  -> Display settings.

Meter type & Appearance on screen

The bar graph has four different basic appearances: as standard - Bar, 3D, Needle or LED bar graph and can be selected from the Meter Type drop-down list.

They all contain the channel name, display type and unit beside the measurement values.

All bar graph basic appearances can be in:

  • horizontal - Horizontal bar (see above)
  • vertical format - Vertical bar (see below)

The orientation depends on the instrument type selected by the instrument icon in Design toolbar.

Changing the orientation is not possible; you have to select the right instrument when you click on the icon.

For detailed information about instruments positioning, size and transparency see screen edit functions > Instrument appearance.